HUBER Wastewater Treatment Solution for Large Buildings and Building Complexes

Due to lacking space it is often difficult to provide decentralized treatment for large buildings and building complexes (e.g. hotels, resorts, office complexes, shopping malls, service areas, recreational facilities).

Particularly for such problematic cases we have developed our ClearOnSite® Solution for a total population of up to 500. Depending on the wastewater flow, the wastewater is first mechanically pre-treated in our ROTAMAT® Micro Strainer Screw Screen. After intermediate storage for flow and freight equalization, the wastewater is full-biologically treated in a very compact membrane bio-reactor, our HUBER smartMBR for water recycling for green buildings. They retain all solids and bacteria. The biomass (activated sludge) growing in the reactor is supplied with oxygen by air diffusion.

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The permeate effluent is of excellent quality, it complies with the European Bathing Water Directive, can be discharged even into sensitive waters, or can be reused as service water (see also our HUBER Solutions for Wastewater Reuse).

Washed and compacted screenings are disposed of as solid waste. Surplus biomass (waste activated sludge) is removed every few months and treated in a central plant (see our HUBER Solutions for Septic Sludge Treatment at central wastewater treatment plants and SeptageTreat® for treatment at special plants).

Systems concept

Systems concept

Click on the image to get a detailed, interactive view with additional information and links.
Click on the image to get a detailed, interactive view with additional information and links.



Advantages of our Solution ClearOnSite®

  • Inexpensive due to use of standardized components
  • Little construction work due to the plants’ compactness ; pre-assembled for fast and easy site installation
  • Solids and bacteria are retained by our ultra-filtration membranes
  • Outstanding effluent quality permits discharge into sensitive waters
  • Effluent is reusable as service water (e.g. for irrigation, toilet flushing and laundry washing)
  • Easy to use due to simple control systems
  • Sturdy and reliable operation
  • Responsive, dependable and preventive maintenance with Service Contracts

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