HUBER Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Housing Estates and Settlements

Settlements, villages and suburbs can not always be connected to centralized sewer systems and treatment plants; construction of pumping stations and transfer pipelines is often cost-prohibitive. Planning and construction of an own conventional wastewater treatment plant would be slow and expensive.

For settlements with up to 5,000 inhabitants we have developed our semi-central HUBER Solution ClearNear®.

Within the settlement the wastewater is collected through a sewer system and treated in a compact plant. The arriving wastewater is first mechanically pre-treated in a HUBER Complete Plant with integrated fine screen and grit/grease chamber. After intermediate storage for flow and freight balancing, it is treated full-biologically in a compact membrane bio-reactor. Its core is, depending on the capacity, our membrane filters or HUBER Membrane Filtration VRM®, which retain all solids and bacteria. Activated sludge growing in the reactor is supplied with oxygen by air diffusion.

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The permeate effluent is of excellent quality, complies with the European Bathing Water Directive, can be discharged into sensitive waters, or be reused as service water (see also our HUBER Solutions for Wastewater Reuse). Removed, washed and compacted screenings and classified grit are disposed of as solid waste. Aerobically stabilized surplus sludge (waste activated sludge) is dewatered in our small Screw Press. The sludge cake is reused as fertilizer and for soil improvement.

Systems concept

Systems concept

Click on the image to get a detailed, interactive view with additional information and links.
Click on the image to get a detailed, interactive view with additional information and links.



Advantages of the HUBER Solution ClearNear®

  • Good value due to use of standardized components
  • Minimized construction work for very compact plants
  • Quick and easy planning and construction
  • Low operation costs
  • Retainage of all solids and bacteria by our ultra-filtration membranes
  • California Title 22 certified MBR system
  • Discharge of high-quality effluent even into sensitive waters
  • Reusable effluent (e.g. as service water for irrigation)
  • Reliable operation with Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Responsive, dependable and preventive maintenance with Service Contract

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