HUBER Factory Repair Service

General overhaul and refurbishing – for another product life cycle!

Capacities for professional future service

In 2009, HUBER Technology started our manufacturing shop in Huntersville, NC.

If requested, we take over the complete organisation of any peripheral work as well:

  • On-site disassembly of defective equipment
  • Provision of a rental machine (as far as available at that time)
  • Transport of the defective equipment to the HUBER factory
  • Professional, complete overhaul of the equipment along with a written guarantee
  • Transport of the equipment back to your site
  • Installation and new start-up, including performance testing

Full service for complete customer satisfaction!

Full Service

Full Service

Repair and general overhauls of products from other manufacturers:

Our extensive and professional service and support is, of course, available also for products from other manufacturers. We maintain and repair also these products quickly, professionally and economically.

Whether you have a product from HUBER or any other manufacturer, contact us and make use of our service potentials! We provide professional advice and offer solutions that will give you full satisfaction.



Proven service quality – guaranteed!
Repair and maintenance of a 3rd party step screen
Complete overhaul of a used up worm shaft
A competent service team: Control engineer W. Ibel, master craftsman T. Sellerer and service technician S. Plank
HUBER Factory Repair Service