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With every purchase of quality HUBER equipment you, the owner, joins a family of over 3500 other satisfied HUBER equipment owners.  What do over 3500 Huber Installations in North America have in common?  The HUBER Service Edge

HUBER Service Edge is Huber’s commitment to a lifelong owner satisfaction.  Timely and accurate support is critical to the day to day operation of a waste water treatment plant.  HUBER maintains a full service repair and manufacturing facility in North Carolina.  Certified service technicians are available 24/7 to provide solutions and assistance to keep your HUBER equipment running at peak efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.

The HUBER Service Edge is a top down commitment to providing our clients the best in industry; staff, spare parts, support and safety.

  The HUBER Aftermarket team’s number one priority is you.  Your satisfaction is the bottom line.  The Aftermarket Team is your permanent, 24/7, resource for parts, technical support and maintenance. At the core of the Aftermarket Team are an on call staff of highly trained and certified technicians with over 75 years of combined mechanical and electrical waste water knowledge and experience.  HUBER’s service technicians are located throughout the United States to provide prompt response no matter where you are located.  Several of our technicians have plant operational experience so they can relate to your needs and concerns.

  Customer service has been a HUBER core value for over five generations.  HUBER is a family owned company.  HUBER is a manufacture and not a licensee.  Most companies in this industry have been merged or acquired by other companies.  This non direct service falls short when it comes to technical questions and service in the field.  HUBER manufactures what we sell.  We know firsthand how the equipment is manufactured and have the history and experience to fix it right the first time.   Further it may be of interest to consider a maintenance contract to receive regular scheduled maintenance from a certified HUBER technician.  Regular service will ensure long life and optimum performance from your HUBER equipment.

Spare Parts:
  We regularly stock over $2 million in spare parts at our headquarters in Denver, NC with continuous and dedicated shipments weekly from our vendors.  It is our goal to have all parts for your equipment readily available.  HUBER has customized parts packages for several machine types.  HUBER can even ship same day on most parts orders received by midafternoon.  

  HUBER takes pride in it safety record whether at the factory or on site.  The Aftermarket team is OSHA authorized and all technicians are licensed welders and all participate in annual mandatory safety classes. 

We look forward to you joining the HUBER family and experiencing the HUBER Service Edge!


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