HUBER Compact MBR System smartMBR - Water Recycling for Green Buildings


A new generation of MBR systems for Buildings and Cities.

Pre-assembled for fast and easy site installation.

Exploding city populations are demanding new ideas for water recycling solutions. HUBER have responded to this growing demand with the launch of the smartMBR range of wastewater treatment & water recycling systems.

The smartMBR systems have been carefully designed so they are attractive looking and simple to install and operate, whilst maintaining the high build quality and technical standards for which HUBER is known.

They come in four standard sizes, ranging in daily treatment capacity from 20 m³/day to 75 m³/day.The recycled water from a HUBER smartMBR is typically clean, clear and odour free. Although it is not drinking quality, it is perfectly suitable for many other uses such as:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Irrigation of gardens, golf courses, parks and sports fields
  • Construction activities such as dust suppression, concrete making
  • Floor and pavement washing


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Whilst the distinctive clean design is already setting a new industry standard in visual appearance, this can be further enhanced by the use of graphics to enable a customer to decorate the units to their requirements. This allows customers to visually blend the units into the background if they wish. However it equally allows customers to promote their efforts in sustainable operations or put the clean area on the side of the unit to use by displaying signage or site maps etc.




  • Easy to transport:
    Fits inside a standard shipping container. Ancillaries unit is inside MBR tank for transport.
  • Easy to install:
    The system comes pre-assembled. Site work is quick and easy. Small enough to fit inside buildings.
  • Easy to use:
    Simple controls systems. Reliable operation.

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There are 4 sizes of treatment capacity available:

  • 20 m³/day
  • 30 m³/day
  • 50 m³/day
  • 75 m³/day


Tanks are robust fully welded stainless steel construction, for long trouble free life.




High-quality pre-assembled and user-friendly system
High-quality pre-assembled and user-friendly system
Visually attractive, can also be decorated to customer's wishes
Visually attractive, can also be decorated to customer's wishes


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