To Our Clients, Representatives and Friends

In this unprecedented global climate, as COVID-19 continues to spread, the safety of our employees, their families, our clients, and communities are top priority at HUBER Technology, Inc.

Given the rapid changing environment we are closely monitoring and following the guidelines and recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, as well as state and local authorities to help guide decisions and the potential impact on our operations. Our focus is to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ and their community’s needs and remain operational while working together to help reduce the spread of the disease.

Accordingly, we have implemented a plan that is intended to limit our team's exposure to the virus and therefore, reduce the risk that our ability to serve clients will be impacted:

  • Formed a COVID-19 preparedness and response team to monitor the situation
  • Our manufacturing and warehousing facility remains open under strict guidelines and separate instructions for pick up and delivery drivers
  • Implemented a work from home arrangement for our Denver NC facility personnel
  • Continue our flexible work-live balance as the situation changes
  • Maintaining a dialogue with our parent company, suppliers, clients and partners to understand what restrictions or modifications they are implementing so we adjust our procedures accordingly to minimize impacts
  • Canceling or postponing all non-essential travel until further guidance from the CDC, the World Health Organization, and state and local public health agencies
  • Conference and tradeshow participation by all personnel has been postponed until the end of April
  • All internal in-person meetings have been changed to virtual meetings
  • Implement a travel/exposure disclosure for field personnel
  • Daily review of all scheduled and future startups to determine the most appropriate path forward while adhering to client, local, and state guidelines
  • Using collaboration technology to host virtual meetings and reduce face-to-face engagements where possible

As COVID-19 is impacting all our daily lives, we believe that by embracing these measures we can positively impact the collective goal of preventing further community spread.

Together we will work through this extraordinary and challenging time as we continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation.


Henk-Jan van Ettekoven