This changes everything: HUBER unveils the radical new center flow screen RakeMax® CF at WEFTEC 2019

This year at WEFTEC 2019, HUBER Technology continues to set the pace as a first-to-market innovator by unveiling a radical new screen that disrupts and changes traditional headworks screening: The HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF (Center Flow). The RakeMax® CF is HUBER’s answer to ever-increasing hydraulic demands placed on existing facilities with no more room to expand.

The HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF maximizes capture rate without sacrificing the ability to remove large debris. By combining the benefits of bar screens with center flow technology, it does this in a minimum amount of space. And, when combined with the optional narrow bar spacing, the RakeMax® CF pushes screenings capture efficiency even higher.

Design and Installation

The RakeMax® CF accomplishes these tasks with its unique U-shaped bar-screen design. While other bar screens have a single sieve face perpendicular to the flow direction, the RakeMax® CF has two faces parallel with the flow that screen simultaneously. It also has a curved bottom face which allows additional flow and grit to proceed through the channel. The large submerged surface area of all three faces means that the screen is able to handle far more screenings than a conventional bar screen.

The RakeMax® CF fits into channels as narrow as three feet or as wide as 10 feet, making it the ideal screen for retrofitting into existing headworks. It easily integrates into existing channels because of its unique orientation. While other bar screens require at least a slight angle for discharge, the RakeMax® CF sits at fully 90 degrees within the channel. But unlike a center-flow band screen, the cleverly angled screenings discharge carries screened material above the channel wall parallel to the screen. This unique design eliminates integrated sluice troughs or washer/compactors, allowing for large screenings to be collected without interference.


The RakeMax® CF was designed to sit in the center of the channel, so building an emergency bypass is unnecessary. An emergency overflow can optionally be integrated, giving you peace of mind that your facility is safe from overflows. It was also designed with better maintenance in mind: No submerged bearings, sprockets, or regular wear items means fewer maintenance headaches for you. All regular maintenance can be completed without draining the channel, removing/pivoting the screen or requiring confined space entry. 


We’re so certain the RakeMax® CF is the right piece of equipment for your headworks that we’re releasing it with the new HUBER High 5 program. The HUBER High 5 takes the risk out of signing on for new technology by providing the following support:

  • 5-month “Try-Before-You-Buy” period
  • 5-year Extended Warranty
  • 5-year Service Agreement

Still not convinced?
Stop by HUBER booth #3825 at WEFTEC 2019, and see the new RakeMax® CF for yourself.

Get any questions you may have answered by the engineers and designers themselves.