Stop by Booth #300 at WEF Residuals & Biosolids 2018

Visit HUBER Technology at Booth #300 at the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference 2018 to get a peek at our newest STRAINPRESS®, and an old favorite, the S-Disk thickener. We’ll also have lots of cool animations, videos, and our sludge experts on site to answer any questions you may have.

The STRAINPRESS is the newest in our innovative line of screening equipment that also dewaters for up to 45% DS. As a closed system, the STRAINPRESS controls odor, and its robust design allows it to handle all kinds of sludge, even viscous and those containing grease. > Read more

The S-Disk is a unique solution to an old problem; how can I significantly reduce the volume of sludge without an exorbitant use of energy? The S-Disk reduces Sludge volumes by up to 90%, but unlike other methods, doesn’t require an extensive energy or constant oversight to get the job done. The S-Disk is also quiet, operating under 68 dB(A). > Read more

See you there!