Second Win at Frost & Sullivan for HUBER Technology, Inc.

For the second time, HUBER Technology, Inc. has secured a Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award, this time for our product line strategy and our region-centric liquid/solid separation technology for the North America market.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practise Award

In 2013 HUBER also received a Frost and Sullivan award, but at that time the award was focused on our outstanding Service Department.

With this award, HUBER is recognized not only as an organization which delivers value, but also as an organization with a strategic vision for the future of our company, as well as the wider wastewater and energy industries. We do this by focusing on what customers really want and delivering on those requirements.

According to Frost, “Apart from its superior portfolio, Huber offers customer-centric service and fosters long-term relationships with clients. It partners with customers from the initial concept stage to project fulfillment and aftersales service stages. Furthermore, it does not commit to a product idea unless there is a proven customer need for it," noted Seth Cutler, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.


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