HUBER honors Arbor Day with a donation to the National Forestry Service to help offset carbon footprint

We live in an ever-changing world. As industry advances and development flourishes, it’s important to keep one eye on the preservation of the natural world that sustains us all. We make an effort to operate in environmentally friendly ways, including onsite recycling and motion detection lighting in our facility, but sometimes carbon emissions are an unavoidable part of the job. Our Service Department presents a key opportunity for Huber Technology to do more to help offset our carbon footprint.

In 2020, HUBER completed 110 service jobs performed by our field service personnel. We strategically and thoughtfully staff our field service technicians across the country to be close to the areas they serve for speed and environmental reasons, but long-distance travel, by plane or by car, is occasionally necessary.  While entirely preventing this kind of travel is impossible, taking steps to mitigate the impact of this travel is essential to preserving the world we live in. To mitigate this impact, we’ve made a donation to the National Forestry Service to help neutralize our carbon footprint on service-related travel.

Over longer distances, cars, and airplanes both generate a certain amount of carbon dioxide which is released into the environment. Various estimates online indicate that cars generate around 156 lbs of CO2 per 200-mile trip and the same trip by plane can generate 202 lbs of CO2 per passenger. By contrast, once fully grown, a hardwood tree is estimated to remove as much as 48 lbs of CO2 per year from the atmosphere. Most service jobs for HUBER take place within 100 miles of our technician’s location, so a return journey for most service jobs can be covered by the CO2 sequestering of 5 trees.

To help cover our climate impact from service initiatives now and beyond, HUBER Technology, Inc. is donating to plant 550 trees across North America with the National Forestry Service. While the road to reversing climate change is long, we want you to know that we at HUBER are committed not only to clean water but also clean air and a safe, healthy environment for everyone.

To learn more, visit the National Forestry service at