HUBER Accelerates Growth and Prepares for IIJA Infrastructure Package with Factory Expansion

HUBER Technology, Inc. is entering an exciting new chapter with the expansion of their U.S. headquarters in Denver, NC which opened in March 2020.

HUBER Technology, Inc. headquarters in Denver, NC

The expansion is designed to deliver approximately 122,000 ft² of space for offices and manufacturing, including sheet metal fabrication, enhanced machine shop capabilities, and pickling to augment their existing network of suppliers.

“Our year over year growth has been strong, so these plans have actually been in the works since before construction on this facility was officially completed in 2020,” said Henk van Ettekoven, President of HUBER Technology, Inc. “We’re pleased to see this expansion coming together at such an important moment for American manufacturing and infrastructure investment, and we’re proud to be a part of that process.”

HUBER currently manufactures selected products in the U.S. factory, but this list is poised to grow to include drum screens, sludge equipment, and many other product lines with the completion of the expansion. In addition to the HUBER product lines, HUBER will also be considering a separate full dip pickling service for local customers as well as the manufacture of several items from the stainless steel catalog.

This announcement comes at a time when US-based manufacturing is more important than ever with the passage of the IIJA in November 2021. While HUBER is confident in their ability to meet the timelines required for IIJA compliance, direct inquiries to the sales team about specific projects in the near term are strongly advised.