HUBER Technology, Inc Unveils New Center Flow Perforated Band Screen CenterMax® Hybrid

An easy to clean innovative solution offering high throughput capacity and maximum separation efficiency with plastic perforated screen elements to prevent hair pinning and fouling

A leader in innovative high quality mechanical solutions including stainless steel equipment for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, sludge treatment, and energy, HUBER Technology, Inc. continues its unwavering commitment to best serve its customers with the new CenterMax® Hybrid, a center flow perforated band screen with plastic perforated screen elements.

The CenterMax® Hybrid is HUBER Technology’s solution to challenges being faced by both municipal and industrial treatment plants. Advanced treatment processes employed today are requiring capture of even finer material, subjecting screens to accelerated binding. As population rises, plants are also experiencing increased flows to plants without the option of an expanded footprint, further complicating the procurement process.

The CenterMax® Hybrid offers a variety of screening elements and opening sizes tailored to meet the separation needs of the application, high capture of fine particles including fibers and hair, and ideal protection of sensitive processes including MBRs. The superior inside out flow design allows for the most screening surface area for any given channel. With easy access to service points at grade level, the CenterMax® Hybrid is designed for narrow channels and high throughputs. Its vertical design allows for it to be employed in small areas, limiting its footprint.

Available in perforations from 2 mm and 6 mm, the CenterMax® Hybrid’s plastic perforated screen elements prevent hair pinning and fouling while providing effective element cleaning without a rotating brush.

“HUBER Technology is committed to providing high quality solutions resilient to the exposed elements of wastewater treatment,” said HUBER Technology, Inc. President Henk-Jan van Ettekoven. “We’re proud to now offer the CenterMax® Hybrid to better serve our customers with durable solutions for processes requiring high capture and high throughput.”

Beginning production in 2020, HUBER Technology, Inc. operates a 205,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Denver, North Carolina, where it manufactures CenterMax® Hybrid products, as well as dewatering screw press systems, headworks screens, grit handling, septage receiving, tertiary filtration and equipment and drying of biosolids equipment for use in the water and wastewater industry. The company's commitment to utilizing stainless steel in the production process underscores its dedication to durability, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting performance, ensuring that the equipment meets the stringent requirements of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications.