HUBER Partners with Noventa Energy to Deliver Thermal Recovery from Seattle Sewers

HUBER Technolgy, Inc was selected to provide the heating and cooling thermal energy system ThermWin to two Martin Selig Real Estate Group Buildings located in Seattle, Washington.

The project, proposed by Noventa Energy Corporation, was authorized by the Metropolitan King County Council, and it will integrate the carbon-free ThermWin system into the building HVAC systems at 3131 Elliott Avenue and 3103 Western Avenue.

The ThermWin system, designed to use wastewater supply as its main source of energy transfer, will supply more than 526,000 MWh of thermal energy to the project, which calculates out to almost 80% of the combined heating and cooling demand for the buildings. The ThermWin will displace over 42,825 MWh of electrical consumption and 87 million galls of water used for cooling, totally over $700,000 financial benefit for King County.

To learn more about the ThermWin system, and how it harnesses the passive energy in wastewater to heat and cool buildings in an environmentally friendly way, watch out video:

Read the full press release directly on Noventa’s website: