Three HUBER RakeMax® multi-rake bar screens in the City of Augsburg

Augsburg: Three RakeMax® multi-rake bar screens in parallel channels

The Swebish-Bavarian city of Augsburg was founded in ancient times, over 2,000 years ago, by the Romans and named after Emperor Augustus. Its wastewater treatment plant is designed to serve a total population of 600,000. Over a year ago the city replaced their ancient climber screens with three HUBER RakeMax® multi-rake bar screens that have a width of 1,952 mm and a bar spacing of 8 mm.

At the same time they replaced their old wash-presses with our most effective super-launder / high-pressure WAP/SL/HP units. These units not only intensively wash batches of screening like our WAP/SL units, but increase the pressure in their discharge pipe by controlled cross section reduction. In this way our WAP/SL/HP wash-presses achieve a solids concentration in excess of 50 % DS.  Our entire equipment had to be installed during uninterrupted plant operation. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the plant’s operation manager (Mr. Wagner), consulting engineer (Mr. Schürmann of Arnold Inc.) and HUBER service technician (Mr. Stiegler) this could be done and finished in time. Since then our equipment is operating well and without problems.


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