Perforated Band Screens EscaMax® for Anglian Water

Sleaford, UK: Perforated band screens EscaMax® 4000
Sleaford, UK: WAP/SL size 4 with lauder tube

Anglian Water approached HUBER in January 2006 and asked us to offer a solution for resolving problems at their Sleaford plant where large amounts of screenings passing through the inlet works and impairing downstream processes. The operators were also experiencing problems with their existing screenings processing system.

In co-operation with a local contractor we proposed to remove the existing screen and screenings processing system. We offered a pair of HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax® 4000 perforated band screens with a width of 752 mm and a capacity of 101 l/s, installed at an angle of 60° within the channel, a WAP/SL size 2, and control panels. The local contractor would carry out the removal of the failing equipment, supply of a launder channel and complete mechanical and electrical installation.  

Our proposal was accepted by Anglian Water and an order was placed in April 2006. The plant was commissioned in November 2006 and operator training was carried out in January 2007. The operators are delighted with the new equipment and we are using this site as an excellent reference for the HUBER EscaMax®. 

by Dale Foster, Regional Manager for Huber Technology, UK

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