MBR Wastewater treatment plant for a labour camp in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian oil company ARAMCO built adjacent to the refineries a camp for its employees and workers.

Wastewater treatment there was solved by means of HUBER products. The new Al Safania camp is completely independent with an own sewage treatment plant, the effluent of which is reused. To ensure the reliable, long-term operation of the sewage treatment plant, HUBER Middle East was commissioned to erect the complete wastewater treatment plant.

Two ROTAMAT® Ro 5 Complete Plants and VRM® 20/300 membrane plants were supplied by HUBER Germany. The complete wastewater treatment plants have a project value of € 1.3 million and are planned to be put into operation in the middle of 2010. The effluent from these plants is utilised directly on site for irrigation, thus realizing the idea of water reuse.

The special features of this project are the two-line design and additional redundancy of equipment, and high quality standards required by the oil company on the basis of standards for refineries. Plant capacity is 300 m³ municipal wastewater per day but the plant is designed to handle even higher flow rates.

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