Greywater Recycling at a Camping Site

Simplified flow diagram
The camping site Wackerhof, Kraichgau/Germany

Camping site Wackerhof, Germany

In June 2007, a greywater recycling system was installed on the camping site. The slightly polluted greywater from wash basins and showers and the high loaded greywater from the residential house (wash basins, shower, bath tub, dish washer, kitchen sink, washing machine) are collected separately and treated to obtain high quality service water. The treated wastewater is available to be reused as service
water for toilet flushing.

The selected installation option was installation in the ground. While the greywater from the residential house is introduced directly into the MBR, the greywater from the sanitary facilities is fed into the MBR via buffer tanks. The greywater is treated in a membrane plant, which is a combination of activated sludge process and membrane filtration, and pumped to the service water tank where it is stored.

The service water is free of solids and bacteria and virtually free of viruses. The quality of the treated water meets the requirements of the Berlin Senate Administration and European Directive for Bathing Water RL 76/160/EWG. The associated equipment incl. electrical controls is equipped with frost protection for outdoor installations.

Service water supply to the sanitary facilities and residential building is ensured by means of a pressure increasing plant. The addition of potable water to the service water tank is available as an option.

Operation and maintenance:
Inspection and maintenance intervals: annually
Operating experience, operating years: 2
Inspection and maintenance work: approx. 6 working hrs/a

Parties involved:
Planning: Hans Huber AG, family Wacker
Plant supplier: Hans Huber AG
Plant operators: family Wacker