Your Head Office Contacts at Huber Technology Inc.

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Sales Contacts

General Sales Inquiries
704-990-2053 704-949-1020 websaleshhusanet
Stainless Steel Sales Inquiries Clay Watson
SAS Sales Manager
704-990-2412 704-990-1020 clay.watsonhhusanet
Sales - Central Region Johan van Ettekoven
Regional Sales Director
704-990-2442 704-949-1020 704-677-3714 johan.van.ettekovenhhusanet
Sales - Northeast Region Gary Wesselschmidt
Regional Sales Director
704-990-2417 704-949-1020 gary.wesselschmidthhusanet
Sales - West Region Ron Maiorana
Regional Sales Director
704-990-2422 704-949-1020 704-718-4477 ronhhusanet
Sales - Southeast Region, Chicagoland, and Michigan Steve Frank
Regional Sales Director
704-990-2418 704-949-1020 steve.frankhhusanet
Industrial and Green Building Systems Nathan Madding
Industrial Sales Director
704-990-2413 704-949-1020 nate.maddinghhusanet

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Service Contacts

Spare Parts Juergen Maier
Director of Aftermarket and Service
704-949-1008 704-896-2830 juergen.maierhhusanet
Aftermarket East Eastern Region
704-949-1012 704-896-2830 RFQEasthhusanet
Aftermarket West Western Region
704-949-1013 RFQWesthhusanet

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General Contacts

General Office Inquiries & Departments Not Listed
704-949-1010 704-949-1020 Main fax huberhhusanet
Marketing Casie Masters
Marketing Manager
704-249-7019 marketinghhusanet