State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Supplying top-quality products to our customers requires not only excellent engineering and design, but also outstanding manufacturing quality. Our employees are well trained and highly motivated. Most of them have started with Huber as apprentices and are certified journeymen; some are certified trade masters. We use the latest manufacturing technologies for highest precision and lowest tolerance.

Our manufacturing is done in our own stainless-steel-only factory to prevent any contamination of our stainless steel products with rust and dust. We have a large in house pickling bath. This passivation process guarantees perfect finishing, highest surface purity and long life.

Production is the focus of our activities and is backed by our highly skilled experts who put their expertise to work and take pride in the superior quality of our products. Modern production machinery and plants, most of them computer-aided, are at their disposal, insuring the high level of accuracy, repeatable and faultless production results that our customers have come to expect.

It is the combination of our expertly trained staff, in conjunction with the latest production machinery, that enables us to offer high-quality products throughout the world.

The products that we manufacture for the environmental sector - machines and plants for water, sewage and sludge - must be extremely reliable. They must run smoothly 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our customers must be sure that they can rely on this consistency, which we are determined to provide by maintaining the high quality level of our production. All parts and products are treated in a special pickling solution prior to leaving our company.

Our production, in turn, is backed by an experienced team of design specialists. These design engineers elaborate related technical drawings drawn from their detailed knowledge of the specific application requirements for our products: Products which have been tailor-made to our customers' needs and which reflect our staff's expertise gained by practical experience combined with engineering proficiency.

Among the guide lines of our engineering activities is the "Integrated Product Policy" which means that the optimum use of materials, efficient operation of products, economic use of resources, compliance with environmental requirements with regard to functionality and the results achieved is taken into account right from the onset. The use of stainless steel for all our products therefore contributes to completely recovering resources and to closing the recycling loop.

The entire area of our design and construction services, as well as production, is subject to sustained quality control evidence which is documented by the relevant certificates.

Experience, knowledge and vision provide the foundation of our design and construction activities which, together with our skilled staff, pave the way for optimized manufacturing and products which offer maximum efficiency, security and reliability.

This approach has made us a worldwide renowned manufacturer of quality products and we are committed to this philosophy for the future.