HUBER Solution GreyUse® for Reuse of Grey Water

Grey water is defined as domestic wastewater that does not contain faecal matter. At large buildings, such as hotels, there are two options for treatment and reuse: either of combined wastewater or of separately collected grey water.

Grey water from bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms is only moderately polluted in comparison with black water from toilets and urinals. It contains far less solids, germs and nutrients. Its treatment is far easier. By reduced fresh water consumption and wastewater disposal, economical as well as environmental benefits are achieved.

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Separate collection, treatment and reuse of grey water are sensible where:

  • separate grey water and black water collection as well as redistribution of treated grey water throughout the building is feasible, e.g. in new buildings and developments, or where existing buildings are fundamentally rehabilitated;
  • black water can be discharged into sewers or separately treated in concentrated form by anaerobic digestion with biogas generation (it is concentrated where water-saving vacuum toilets and waterless urinals are provided).

Systems concept

Systems concept

Click on the image to get a detailed, interactive view with additional information and links.
Click on the image to get a detailed, interactive view with additional information and links.



System Description

Separately collected grey water is screened in our HUBER Micro Strainer ROTAMAT® Ro9 and collected in a storage tank for flow and freight balancing. It is then treated in a HUBER Compact MBR SystemsmartMBR membrane bio-reactor. Ultra-filtration membranes retain all solids and bacteria in the MBR, where biomass serves for full-biological grey water treatment.

Permeate is drawn through the membranes as effluent, is of high quality, complies with the requirements of the European Bathing Water Directive and far exceeds the requirements of the German fbr H 201 Guideline for service water quality. The effluent is collected in another storage tank and reused for toilet flushing, laundry washing and irrigation.

Our Micro Strainer screens out disturbing solids (e.g. hair and fibres) and simultaneously dewaters and compresses them, before they are discharged as solid waste. From time to time, when the biomass concentration in the MBR has increased too far, surplus sludge is removed and discharged or treated like the black water.

By request, or HUBER Operation Control (HOC) guarantees smooth and reliable plant operation and optimization through remote monitoring, telediagnosis and control together with responsive, dependable and preventive maintenance with our Service Contracts.

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